BR 40/10 C

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Karchers BR 40/10 C Adv scrubber dryer is designed for heavy duty cleaning of small tomedium floors. The machine is packed with features to make it easy and safe to use and maintain, and offers exceptional cleaning results. The BR 40/10 C Adv features two counter-rotating brushes and two rubber squeegees, ensuring floors are thoroughly cleaned and dried in a single pass. With the vacuum system turned off, the machine can be used for deep cleaning of heavily soiled floors where more scrubbing and detergent are needed.brbrtable class=tablebrtrthWorking width, brush (mm)/thtd400/td//trbrtrthWorking width, vacuum (mm)/thtd400/td//trbrtrthMotor rating (W)/thtd2300/td//trbrtrthFresh / Waste water tank (l)/thtd10/10/td//trbrtrthBrush contact pressure (g/cm[[253]])/thtd100/200/td//trbrtrthBrush rotation speed (rpm)/thtd1100/td//trbrtrthMax. area performance (m[[253]]/h)/thtd400/td//trbrtrthPractical area performance (m[[253]]/h)/thtd300/td//trbrtrthFrequency (Hz)/thtd50/td//trbrtrthVoltage (V)/thtd220/240/td//trbrtrthWeight (kg)/thtd30/td//trbrtrthDimensions (LxWxH) (mm)/thtd520x470x380/td//trbr/tablebrbrbrbrbr