HSC 823 240v

£3,800.00 (ex VAT)
Product description

Stationary hot water high pressure cleaner, for professional users, oil, gas or electrically heated, for inside and outside. (Single Phase)
Etronic II controls
10m high pressure hose DN08 - 315 bar
Trigger gun with swivel
Spray lance 900 mm c/w nozzle protection
Stainless steel jet nozzle 25ø
Water supply separation acc. water reg.
Chemical supply in high pressure jet c/w metering valve

HSC823 UK High Pressure Cleaner

Voltage 1 / 240 V / 50 Hz

Operating pressure 30-125 bar / 3-12.5 MPa

Max. Pressure 140 bar /14 MPa

Water Output 300 - 720 l/h

Nozzle Size 050

Hot Water Capacity 30-98øC

Pump Speed 1400 rpm

Connected Load 3.3 kW / 13 A

Electrical Protection 13 A slow-blowing

Weight 301 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1220 x 755 x 1625 mm

Equipment Features
*Self-supporting, robust, device-chassis made from galvanized steel and powder-coated (option INOX: device-chassis made out of stainless steel), suitable for floor installation
*HSC840-INOX 24kW, HSC1140-INOX 30kW/Gas: stainless steel hot water boiler with 65 l capacity with pre-heating and buffer storage for immediate hot-water use and hot-water preparation during stand-by operation
*Triplex piston pump with brass pump head (HSC840-INOX 24kW, HSC1140-INOX 30kW/Gas: chrome nickel pump head, hot water- resistant), nickel plated, high performance ceramic piston, stainless steel valves
*Leakage return
*HSC823 UK, HSC1140, HSC1240: Etronic II controls: Start-stop system with switch-off delay, total-switch-off after 20 min, OPH counter with service information, optical flame monitoring with photoelectric cell and fault indicator light
*HSC840-INOX 24kW, HSC1140-INOX 30kW/Gas: Etronic II controls: Start- stop system with switch-off delay, stand-by system for heating, OPH counter with service information, low water cut-off
*HSC823 UK, HSC1140, HSC 1240: 2-motors system (independent of the direction of rotation) separately for high pressure pump and heating
*Unloader safety valve c/w infinitely variable pressure and quantity regulation
*Diesel tank 60 l (HSC823, HSC1140, HSC1240)
*3 robust on-off rotary switches for high pressure Pump, heating and detergent
*Separate space for 2 x 20 l cleaning detergent container c/w remote
*7.5m connection cable