Kranzle Therm 602 E-M36

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Especially in health-sensitive application areas as in
butcher`s shops or animal husbandry, is the operation of
oil-heated hot water devices associated with extensive
measures for the removal of exhaust gases.
This is exactly where the new Kr[[132]]nzle e-therm series with
electrical heating unit is the first choice.
Four electrically heated devices with a power input from
20 kW up to 50 kW offer a reliable Heating of the supplied
Depending on the temperature of the inlet water, up to
80 äC Water temperature for the cleaning will be reached.

Operating Pressure adjustable (bar/MPa) 30-150/3-15
Max.admissible over pressure (bar/MPa) 170/17
Water Output (l/min) 10
Power Output (kW) 36
Temperature increase (äC) 54äC
Electrical connected load(V/~/Hz/A) 400/3/50/55
Power consumption (p-kW) 38
Water tank capacity (l) 16
Dimension (LxBxH) (mm) 1050/800/1000
Weight (kg) 160

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