Kranzle Therm 872 E-M48

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Kranzle electrically heated Therms are unique to the market, allowing for constant operational temperature control within +/- 1äC and absolutely no pre-heating time required.

Therms are an excellent design, a good size and fantastic quality, exactly what you’d expect when they are built to order. The Therm is a big, solid and very well made machine that weighs over 180 kgs.

This is a powerful instant hot and cold pressure washer. Durable design for industrial and commercial use, best suited for factory use – mobile versions can also be ordered with optional non-marking white wheels, and optional non-marking hose available if required.

Operating pressure, fully adjustable 30-170 bar/ 435-2500Psi
Water flow(l/h) 14.5 l/min (870 l/h)
Hot Water output temp.(äC) 80äC at 32 bar
14.5 l/min of Sucked in water heated(äC) + 46 äC
Heating output (kW) 48
Motor Speed (rpm) 1,400
Power (V/Hz/A) 415/50/80
Wattage (kW) 53.5
Fuse (A) 80
Nozzle Size 055
Weight (kg) 190
Dimensions (LxWxH) (cm) 79x59x98

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