Nilfisk Scrubtec 453 B Scrubber Dryer

£2,999.00 (ex VAT)
Product description

The SCRUBTEC 453 has been designed to scrub & dry efficiently without any fuss. The SCRUBTEC 453 is a robust yet very basic machine that is simple and intuitive to operate and maintain.

Priced at a very attractive level, the SCRUBTEC 453 is the obvious value-for-money choice when it comes to indoor cleaning of warehouses, shops, car showrooms, car garages, petrol stations and similar facilities. The SCRUBTEC 453 has a 53cm working width and 40L tanks that allow it to clean up to 2120 mý/h.
High suction power ensures dry and clean floors - even on tile floors
Curved squeegee for 100% water pick-up on all types of floors
Front filling port to fill solution tank in a fast way
Standard on-board charger
Brush and squeegee blades easy to install and remove without any tools
Eco-solution: Low consumption of water, adjustable water flow will allow no waste of water
Simple, quick and hygienic maintenance: Full access to recovery tank - easy to clean and empty
Low noise level allows daytime cleaning