Nilfisk Scrubtec 661 BL COMBI Scrubber Dryer

£4,795.00 (ex VAT)
Product description

The machines in the SCRUBTEC 6 range offer users a choice of different scrubbing widths. In addition to the interchangeable brush deck, other key features include an exceptionally low noise level, adjustable scrubbing pressure and dashboard that is designed to reduce typical operator errors.

The SCRUBTEC 6 range offers fast cleaning, effective cleaning, and inexpensive cleaning. Highly productive, these units produce a fast return on investment and represent the best value for money in walk-behind scrubber dryers. Suitable for easy, efficient floor cleaning in retail outlets, manufacturing plants, car dealers, garages, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, and other locations where it is important that floors are kept clean.
Interchangeable brush decks with 2 disc sizes (53 and 61 cm) or 51 cm cylindrical
Easy access to recovery tank speeds up cleaning time
Adjustable scrubbing pressure provides the best results under all conditions
No tools required to change squeegee blades
Automatic brush on/off feature eliminates the need to manually change brushes
Large non-marking wheels for easy turning and use on
any kind of floor