£2,650.00 (ex VAT)
Product description

This reliable, well built and robust hot water pressure cleaner comes equipped with a lasting stainless steel lid and wide range of accessories.
Back to basics. Simple and easy to use with no complication.
The hydraulic circuit is protected by a safety valve.
Incoming water is in the tank through a floater that regulates the flow.
Red light and flow level switch stop the burner in case of lack of diesel.
Comes equipped with two valves, one for the production of steam and the other for suction of detergent in high pressure.
Delayed total stop, halt after 15 seconds delay after the closure of the gun.

Gold Star PWG200/21T

Three Phase

Bar 200

PSI 2900

Water Output 1260 l/h

Temperature 80 øC

Kw 7,5

Kg/h 7,75

Weight 160 Kg

Dimensions (L x W x H) 950 x 600 x 860 mm

Equipment Features
* Group pump motor at 1450 rpm.
* Motor has double bearings and pump with three ceramic pistons, connecting rods and camshaft.
* The hydraulic circuit has a bypass valve to regulate pressure, the entry of water directly into the pump.
* In the electrical panel the controls and the auxiliary circuit are low voltage 24 volt and a thermal overload relay protects the main engine.
* The burner has a 220 volt motor independent of the main engine, the coil is a double passage of smoke.
*The aspiration of detergent occurs at low pressure through the venturi system.