Karcher B 150 R Battery Powered Ride On Scrubber Dryer. Available in various configurations.

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    With a wide range of available equipment details, our battery-powered ride-on scrubber drier B 150 R has something to offer everyone. For example, the machine is available either with disc engineering (ideal for smooth floors) or with a roller head including sweeping function (optimal for rougher surfaces). The working width is also freely selectable with 75 or 90 cm. Also available are the optional auto-fill function for efficient fresh water tank filling as well as the tank rinsing system for convenient dirty water tank cleaning. The capacity of the wet/gel battery (180 to 240 Ah) also depends on individual requirements. The battery is charged with an external battery charger. Standard features of the B 150 R with two 150-litre tanks include a large colour display, colour-coded control elements, automatic contact pressure adjustment, selectable cleaning modes, KIK key system as well asan automatic brush head and squeegee lowering function.

    Configurable device
    * Equipment details can be freely selected.
    * Perfect matching of the machine to the cleaning requirements.
    * Economically sound solution.

    Innovative KIK key system
    * Greater protection from incorrect operation.
    * Lower service costs.
    * Optimum matching to the individual cleaning tasks without overwhelming the user.

    Auto-Fill (optional)
    * Automatic fresh water tank filling.
    * Connect a fresh water hose and the filling stops automatically as soon as the tank is full.

    Choice of four batteries
    * Battery types: maintenance-free with 36 V/180 Ah or 36 V/240, maintenance-free with 36 V/180 Ah or 36 V/240 Ah.

    Energy-saving eco!efficiency mode
    * Reduced power consumption.
    * 40 percent longer runtime per battery charge.
    * Even quieter and thereby ideal for noise-sensitive areas (daytime cleaning, hospitals, hotels, etc.).

    Large colour display
    * Logically structured display of the current program.
    * Quick and easy changes to settings possible.

    Tank rinsing system (optional)
    * Easy cleaning of the dirty water tank.
    * Water savings of up to 70 percent in comparison with cleaning using a standard water hose.
    * Improved hygiene.

    Easy handling
    * Easy handling thanks to logically structured control elements with colour coding.
    * Easier use and shorter learning curve.


    Brush working width (mm) 750
    Working width, vacuuming (mm) 960
    Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 150/150
    Theoretical area performance (m[[253]]/h) 5400
    Practical area performance (m[[253]]/h) 3800
    Battery (V) 36
    Battery voltage (V) 36
    Rated input power / Amps (W) 2800
    Traction motor (W) 600
    Weight (with accessories) (kg) 239
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1660 x 1400