Karcher BD 43/25 C Bp Battery Powered Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

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    Compact, manoeuvrable, whisper-quiet and easy to operate: these are the outstanding features of the BD 43/25 C walk-behind battery-powered scrubber drier with disc technology, 43 cm working area and 25 litre tank volume. This machine is ideal for small and very cluttered areas, easy to use and offers a clear view of the area to be cleaned. The BD 43/25 C with EASY-Operation system and yellow control elements is easy to operate also by untrained operators. The machine is also easy to clean. We recommend this machine for efficient basic and maintenance cleaning of areas up to 900 m[[253]]. Straight or curved squeegees are available and can be ordered separately.

    Large battery compartment for all standard battery types
    * Easily accessible battery compartment for battery replacement.
    * Also suitable for multiple shift operation.

    Home Base system
    * Options for the attachment of hooks, containers, mop, etc.
    * Additional cleaning utensils can be carried on-board.

    Affordable entry-level model in the 25 to 35 litre class
    * Excellent price-performance ratio.
    * Reduced to the most important features.

    Yellow, clearly visible control elements
    * Yellow control elements simplify operation and reduce teach-in time.

    Straight or curved squeegees available
    * Allows optimum adjustment to the prevailing floor conditions.

    Working width, brush (mm) 430
    Working width, vacuum (mm) 900
    Motor rating (W) 1100
    Battery (V) 24
    Fresh / waste water tank (l) 25/25
    Battery (V) 24
    Brush contact pressure (g/cm[[253]]/kg) 30-40/22.5-28
    Brush rotation speed (rpm) 180
    Max. area performance (m[[253]]/h) 1720
    Practical area performance (m[[253]]/h) 1250
    Weight (with accessories) (kg) 57
    Weight without accessories (kg) 44
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 68.6
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1135 x 520 x 1025