Nilfisk-Alto 33-2M PC 110v M-Class Health and Safety Vacuum Cleaner/Dust Extractor

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    This range represents a superior solution for professional customers looking for a reliable machine to protect workers health and safety.

    To minimise dust exposure during disposal several dust bag options are available to match the specific need in the hazardous dust application. Also the washable PFTE long-life filter and the dual HEPA filter option minimises maintenance and reduces the overall service cost. A flow sensor with combined acoustic and LED warning monitors the filter and air flow to secure performance and filtration on the highest and most safe level. Easy handling and user-friendliness – also when it comes to transportation from one working site to another – are other valuable features for the ATTIX 33 2M/H dust extractor. All models offer flexible storage solutions for tools and accessories, so everything you need is at hand.

    PushCleanT – Semi-automatic filter cleaning system on selected models
    Dust class M and H certification
    PTFE long-life filter with non-stick membrane and minimum 99.9% filtration efficiency
    Flow sensor with combined acoustic and LED warning
    30 litre container with steel castors and robust bumper
    MultiFit accessory system for the ultimate in task flexibility
    Rubber straps, tool box storage and optional trolley handle for convenient storage and transport
    Optional motor cooling filter, exhaust air collector and long-life filter bag

    Power Pmax (w) 1200
    Power piec (w) 1000
    Airflow Rate (l/m) 4200
    Vacuum (MBAR/KPA) 230/23
    Working sound level (dB-A) 60
    Container Volume (L-Max) 30
    Main Filter type PTFE M-class
    Weight (kg) 14.5
    Main connection (V/~/Hz/A) 110/1/50-60/16
    Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) 565x385x520