Nilfisk DTE 400 SC Stationary Wall Mounted Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner 230v

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    DTE machines are easy to operate and maintain. The Nilfisk DTE machines are easy to operate and maintain. They
    are built with a robust stainless steel cover stone enamelled
    steel chassis for durability and excellent reliability resulting in
    reduced service time costs.
    Each of the machines can also come in multiple different
    variants of; pressure, flows, sizes and accessories that will best
    suit your specific needs.

    Max working pressure (bar/psi) 100/1450
    Max water flow rate (l/min) 12
    Max water inlet temp (C) 60
    Motor (HP/kW/v) 3/2/240
    Pump Type Brass with 3 ceramic pistons
    Chassis/Cover Stone enamelled/stainless steel
    Weight (kg) 60
    Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) 500x750x400