Numatic NUC.244NX Graphite Tank V17 1 x battery

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Agile Lightweight

The 244NX optimises the use of clean water by using a direct feed to the centre of the brushes. The Centrifugal delivery of the water through the brushes minimises overall water usage, has no messy spray-off and increases efficiency by reducing the time-consuming refills required.
* Based on replacing 16L mopping system with 244NX cleaning 7 days per week.

Park Up Anywhere
* “Park-Up” to move obstacles or carry out other cleaning tasks.

Easy to Use
* Eliminate frequent bending with foot-operated floor tool.
* Controlled and lightweight handling with no messy spray.
* Up and Running in Seconds
* Consistent results by any user
* Simple dashboard controls
* Colour- coded touch points

Power Drving Productivity
* 30 Power-cell configuration delivers 300Wh of energy
* off board 1-hour fast charge
* Long life, delivering up to 2500 charge cycles
* Integrated Battery health monitoring system

Power 36V
Brush Speed 140rpm
Pad/Brush Width 2x220mm
Solution Tank 2.2L
Recovery Tank 3L
Coverage per Tank Approx 680ms/min (34min)
Run Time Up to 80mins
Weight 21.3
Charge Time 1 hour 80% / 2 hour 100%

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