Numatic TTV678G Twintec Vario Ride On Scrubber Dryer with Variable Cleaning Width.

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    The unique arrangement of 3 independent scrubbing heads which, by virtue of a simple adjustment mechanism, can provide a choice of scrubbing widths which, with the addition of a selection of brushes and pads, can provide customised performance on almost any surface application.

    Vario 3 in 1 Brush System – Simple adjustment mechanism provides a choice of scrubbing widths suitable for almost any surface.
    Easy Dosing Presets – Correct chemical dosing for every task.
    Complete Cleaning Control – Operator has full control of cleaning speed, brush speed, water flow and chemical dosing.
    Simple Operator Control – Soft touch dashboard control system.
    Easy Maintenance – Easy access to batteries and fuses for service purposes and brush change is simple with the swing out brush cover.
    On-board Charger – Simple and convenient, just plug and go. Fully sealed low maintenance Gel batteries.
    Small Turning Radius – Means great cleaning even in tight spaces.
    Safety Features – Emergency stop button, power off removable key, horn button and hazard warning light and built in reversing alarm are just a few of the many safety features included.

    Brush Motor Power 3 x 24V 400 W
    Vacuum Motor Power 24V 600 W
    Power 6 x 12V (24V) = 300Ah / 8 x 12V (24V) = 400Ah
    Run Time 300Ah = 3.5 Hrs / 400Ah = 4.5 Hrs
    Traction Drive 600W
    Transit Speed 7.0 km/h
    Cleaning Speed 3.5km/h
    Climbing Gradient 11%
    Scrub Width 650 / 750 / 850 mm
    Brush Speed 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 rpm
    Water Capacity 120L
    Nuchem Capacity Optional 5 L
    Water Flow Rate Variable
    Weight(Ready to use inc full tank) 300Ah = 620 kg, 400 Ah = 686 kg
    Dimension(LxWxH) 1676x1054x1425mm