Slow Speed Saddle Tank Trailer

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    Dirt Driver Slow Speed Trailer Mounted Diesel Hot Pressure Washer

    Slow Speed Trailer Mounted Diesel Powered Hot Washer with 600L Capacity Water Tanks by Dirt Driver

    Heavy duty galvanised chassis
    Two 300L baffled polyetheylene water tanks – interlinked Fast drain valve
    1800kg rated running gear
    Lockable tow hitch
    Lighting board to EEC Specification
    HD galvanized hose reel with Stainless Steel shaft
    50L Chemical stowage
    Spare wheel

    KUBOTA 4 Cylinder water cooled 20Hp Slow speed diesel engine – 1450rpm
    positive displacement HAWK plunger pump 200 bar (3000psi) @ 26 Lpm

    Double wound vertical coil
    Engine water heater coil independently mounted on anti vibration
    pads purpose built 110 volt generator with auxiliary socket
    Tyre drive – no adjustment needed
    15m Twin Wire 3/8″ High pressure Hose Temperature – 80/120 degrees C
    Low pressure steam stage
    Low pressure detergent injection
    70 litre diesel capacity
    Dimensions 346cm long x 184cm wide x 201cm high
    Unladen – 1060kgs / Laden – 1660kgs